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Worship Arts Ministry

Worship is something that we do every moment, of every day. As followers of Christ, our aim is to worship God with what we say, do, and think.

On Sunday mornings, we gather as the Body of Christ – His Church – for the purpose of corporate worship. In corporate worship, we reflect the worship we do every day, by bringing praise God, elevating His name through song and Scripture reading, by hearing His Word and message, applying it to our lives, and by encouraging, challenging, and praying with one another, so that we may walk with Christ together.


Our worship services also include two symbolic sacraments: communion and baptism. Communion is served every Sunday as an opportunity for believers to reflect on the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice. We perform baptisms regularly, as the need arises from those who desire to express their commitment to Christ publicly.


During our services, there are many opportunities to serve. Our music team includes instrumentalists, vocalists, and media members, as well as setup for Communion. 


Matt Singleterry

Director of Worship Arts

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