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Shaver Elementary

Partnering with Jesus to love people

Gateway Church had a desire back in 2013, to get involved and help our community in a practical way, so we contacted Shaver Elementary School in the Parkrose School District to see if they would like our help. 

They jumped at the chance of receiving more help for students, families, and staff. Shaver School has about 94% of students on free or reduced  lunch type income and a large percentage of English as a second language (ESL) children who need extra help. On a weekly basis, we have about 13 volunteers that help in classroom tutoring with math or reading, the office, the Sun Program (which helps families with food and other needs, and the library. As a church, we have donated food, money for school  uniforms and towards outdoor school. We have helped with food every  year for the Back to School picnic and providing volunteers for the Book Fair, Science Fair, and Field Day.

The church volunteers have thoroughly enjoyed the students and the students have made academic improvements as well as forming wonderful  relationships with our volunteers.  Response from the Staff, for our help, has been exceedingly positive and grateful.


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