Children's Ministry

Our purpose is to partner with parents in the teaching of their children to know God, love Jesus and live Spirit directed lives.

We provide a safe & fun place for children to interact with other kids and learn about our awesome God. They are led by trained teachers who are committed to Jesus Christ and to nurturing a relationship with your children. We conduct a background check on all of our teachers and have two teachers in all classrooms.


We believe that God desires a partnership between church and home in helping children develop good character, understanding about God, and service to others. We are here to assist you the parent, in raising up this next generation of Christ followers.

  • Summer Camp Scholarships

  • Backyard Bible Clubs

  • Family Church Camp-Out

  • Christmas Program

  • Parent-Teacher Connect

  • Senior Home Worship Service 

  • Pumpkin Patch Outing 

  • Trunk or Treat 

  • Global Projects 

  • Easter Celebration

  • Seasonal Events 

Nursery (through 2s)

Located conveniently next to our new meeting room in the Ministry  Center, we offer two programs on a Sunday morning for your little one.

During our Sunday School hour at 9:00 AM, your child will be enjoying free play and activity centers as they learn that church is a fun and loving place!

During our second service ChurchTime at 10:30 AM, your child will be enjoying free play, snack-time and singing, a Bible story and verse.

Snacks are Puffs for 1 year olds and Cherrios with water for 2 year olds. Their own snacks are welcome.

Safety is our priority! We have two wonderful background-checked adults working with your child in each classroom.

Preschool (3s - K)

During our Sunday school hour at 9:00 AM, we provide an active class just  below the youth center. This class enjoys a fun environment where they  learn God’s word! They have a joyous worship time together with the “big  kids.” They build friendships with each other and their teachers. Our  Sunday school teachers have monthly training and love your kids.

Located in the same room during our second service at 10:30 AM, this  class enjoys snack-time and lots of fun while learning with friends  about Jesus and His love for them. We always have two background checked  teachers with the classes.

Elementary (1st - 5th Grade)

Our Elementary program consists of two different classes during the Sunday school hour at 9:00 AM and one combined class during church service at 10:30 AM. Both classes are located in the lower level of the youth building.

Sunday School: 1st – 3rd grade class enjoy  a group time of worship. They learn God’s word through story and memory  verses. They have fun building relationships with one another.

Sunday School: 4th – 5th grade class enjoy the group worship time and then break out into a separate  classroom where they learn God’s word interactively and how to apply it  to their lives.

ChurchTime: 10:30 AM, our program is designed to provided a well rounded church time experience that includes:

  • Fellowship and Snack Time

  • Learning God’s word through music and Biblical principles in an upbeat, active, and creative way.

  • Multiple learning styles so each child can learn about Jesus in their own way.

All of our classes have two excellent and background-checked teachers  in each classroom. We care about your child and desire God’s best for  them.


    9:00am - Sunday School

    10:30am - Church Time


Katelan Hostetler

Director of Youth and Children's Ministries



13300 NE San Rafael St, Portland, OR 97230, USA

(503) 252-1435