Children's Ministry

Where children construct a solid relationship with God and friends!

Dear Parent,

We provide a safe and secure place for children to interact with other kids and learn about our awesome God. They are led by trained teachers who are committed to Jesus Christ and to nurturing a relationship with your children. We conduct a background check on all our teachers and have two workers in all classrooms.

We believe that God desires a partnership between church and home in helping children develop good character, service to others, and understanding about God. We are here to assist you in raising up this next generation of Christ followers.

With a heart for kids,

LuAnn Meisenhelder
Director of Children's Ministry

Pastor Brian Newcombe
Church Time Coordinator

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Sunday School 9:45am-11:00am

2's & 3's - Worship Center (WC) Rm. 102

They have fun learning God's Word in a creative and age-appropriate way.

Parent pagers are available.

Class schedule

4's & 5's - Youth Center (YC) Rm. 118

This class enjoys an active environment where they learn God's Word.

They have a worship time together with the "big kids."

They build friendships with each other and their teachers.

Class schedule

1st-3rd Graders - Youth Center Rm. 117

These kids enjoy a joint time of worship where they learn what worship really is.

They study God's Word, learn scripture and memory verses, and have fun building relationships with each other.

Class schedule

4th-5th Graders - Youth Center Rm. 117

These kids enjoy a joint time of worship then break out into a separate classroom where they study God's Word and learn to apply it to their lives.

They are also given opportunities to do community service projects as well as serve around the church. Scripture memory is also a key part of this program.

Class schedule

Children's Ministry Church Time 11:15am-12:30pm

2's & 3's - Worship Center (WC) Rm. 102

Enjoying free-play, activity centers and Bible story, they learn that church is a fun and loving place.

Parent pagers are available.

4's & 5's - Youth Center (YC) Rm. 118

This class enjoys lots of fun while learning with friends about Jesus and his love for them.

1st-5th Graders "Live Wires" - YC Rm. 117

This program is designed to provide a well-rounded church time experience which includes:

  • Worshipping together with their families for the first 15 minutes of the church service. They will then be dismissed to go to Live Wires.
  • Learning God's Word and Biblical principles in a very upbeat, active and creative way.
  • This class employs different learning styles so that every child can learn about Jesus in a way that works best for him or her.